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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Head Speed is king.

If you are just stepping into RC helicopter's world, this is the number 1 tip you need to know about flying skill:

Head speed is king!

Maintain the head speed as constant as possible; your helicopter follow your fingers as you wish.
If the head speed is too high, you will either damage your heli some where physically because of the big torque, or the heli will get too sensitive to handle and end up crashed.
If the head speed is too low, you heli will act like a drunker that you can't handle it easily because of the slow responses.

So, always refer to the instruction manual comes with your helicopter for the appropriate head speed for different types of flight mode. And take it as a start point for fly-and-adjust.

For example: T-Rex 550L Dominator likes the head speed at 2000~2400, 2000 is for hovering practice and gentle figure 8. 2200 is good for sports flight, 2400 is good for 3D stunts.
If you try to fly 3D under 2000 RPM, your helicopter may lose the head speed easily in high collective and cyclic pitch, then you may lose control of your helicopter due to the response gets much slower than you expect.

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