RCHeliGears: How to upgrade your old T-Rex 700E, and do the wiring.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to upgrade your old T-Rex 700E, and do the wiring.

My Align T-Rex 700E was bought at 2010 summer, it's been 5 years and it has experienced 300 flights with 4 Align 6S 40C 5200mah LiPos.
It was the first version of  700E, with 3G FBL gyro, flybarless rotor head assembly, velcro strapped sliding battery tray , traditional tail blade rotor assembly, and push-pull swash servo control system.
The configuration of this version was out of fashion now, but I don't want to spend US$15,00 for a latest T-Rex 700L Dominator since my old T-Rex 700E still works as good as it did at 2010 summer.
So I upgraded it item by item; and only change the parts which I though are needed.
The pictures show the parts which were changed.

1. The auto-lock and one button release battery sliding tray; this is very convenient that I don't need to tie the lousy velcro straps any more, and the position of the battery is always fixed in the same place. (If you can tell in this picture; there's only one cable from the Futaba receiver to the 3GX gyro, it's clean and neat, right?)

2.  3GX FBL gyro, it was upgraded from the 2-piece 3G gyro on 2012, better than 3G; but not as convenient as the current GPro. (P.S. If you still have tail bounce issue with 3GX; change the firmware to 4.0, set the tail delay parameter to around 60 , it gives you a solid tail.)

3. Castle Creation Phoenix ICE2 120HV, it was upgraded due to the 80HV was on fire in a flight on 2011 before the 700E was taking off(thank God it's not in the air yet).
 Wiring of the 120HV.

4. 700MX 510KV motor; upgraded on 2011 due to the 700M motor back cover came off in the air(thank God the 700E was in hovering at 3 meter high only)

5. New tail rotor assembly; upgraded at winter of 2014, I thought it would fix the tail bounce back issue on 3GX 5.0; now I knew it has nothing to do with it)

6.It's not an upgrade. This Align BEC is still there; it has worked on this 700E since day 1 for 300 flights.

7. Helical gears; upgraded on 2014 autumn; this was a must; my 700E flew very quiet with these gears.

8. DFC rotor head assembly; upgrade on 2011 summer; get rid of the seesaw parts, lower the height of the heli, that's it. Now Align has released a new FBL rotor head again, is it an upgrade or downgrade?

 9. New canopy; upgraded on 2013 summer; due to the old canopy was broken at the hole of the rubber nuts. And it makes my 700E look longer. :-)
New canopy from the other side.

Still looks good, even though it's not DFC and 5 years old, right?

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