RCHeliGears: How to Repair a Broken,Cracked Fiberglass RC Helicopter Canopy (airplane engine cowl and fuselage)?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

How to Repair a Broken,Cracked Fiberglass RC Helicopter Canopy (airplane engine cowl and fuselage)?

Last week in the field, my new 550L Speed Fuselage was broken at the front canopy while I was trying to remove it to change battery; there was a 3 cm crack on the top right side. I just bought it for 2 weeks !!!!!!

Here's the fix:
1: Get one piece of fiberglass cloth, and one little bottle of liquid CA. Yes, it has to be "liquid" type of CA.

2. Cut 8 pieces of fiberglass cloth in same size, the size should well cover the crack on the canopy. (Yes it's 8, not 7)

3. Stack the 8 pieces of cloth together and apply one little drop of CA on this stack, to stick all of them together so is easy to process the next step.

4. Stick a clear tape to secure the crack; hold it from getting apart.

5.Take the stack of fiberglass cloth done in step 3; put it inside the canopy and well cover the crack, have the edge of the cloth run out of the canopy like the picture in step 7, apply one little drop of CA in the center of the cloth to slightly hold it in the appropriate position on the surface of the canopy..

6. Apply a good amount of CA all over the fiberglass cloth; have the cloth well soaked; and use something(I use the tip of a screw driver) to press all over the cloth to have it closely stick on the canopy along the curve of the surface.(The process in this step has to be fast because CA will be secured in just seconds, slow motion will fail this process because the cloth will be hardened before it is secured on the surface of the canopy)

7. Remove the tape,  see the crack is already well secured into one piece/ We'll take care of the cloth outside of the canopy later.

 8. Trim the excess part of the cloth by a knife, be very careful because now the cloth is very stiff; it's not a soft cloth anymore, be careful and slow while trimming it.

9. Check where we just did inside the canopy, the result is amazingly perfect, stiff and smooth surface of the fiberglass cloth; sticks around the crack and covers the surface of the canopy very smooth. The patch is just like part of the canopy, and very stiff and strong, no worry of crack from the same place again. PERFECT!