RCHeliGears: Align 550L Speed Fuselage - Red #HF5505

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Align 550L Speed Fuselage - Red #HF5505

I saw a carton in front of my house this morning, wondering what it was.

It takes a Swiss Army to see what's inside.

It looks like a canopy for 550L, a beautiful one. :-)

These are all what inside that secret carton. A canopy and a beautiful fuselage for 550L

The tail boom is made by my favorite carbon fiber

Factory installed rubber nuts.

Top view of the canopy

One tip for installing:
Very simple and clear, just follow the instruction manual comes with this kit, only one tip is not on the manual I'd like to remind before you go for installation:
 Connect the ball joint and the ball link before you secure the tail fuselage with the screws. Or you will have to push hard to connect them because the the ball link is very close to the lower part of the fuselage; you have very limited space to move the ball link to install on the ball joint.

The rear ends can be opened for installing

Open the rear part and install the canopy through the main shaft. (Watch the direction of the rotor head, this position makes the canopy go through easier)

Close the rear part when the canopy is in position.

Magnets inside the canopy, The secret to open and close the rear part of the canopy for easy installation.

 It takes only 30 minutes to complete the installation. :-)

I remove the black hard plastic collar off from the rubber nut; because it's too tight to fit the canopy on the 550L, I am afraid the glass fiber canopy will get broken during installing or removing the canopy(it happened to my 700E canopy, a US$70 700E canopy was wasted).

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