RCHeliGears: Align Flybarless System GPro 3-Axis Gyro Settings-(550L as an example)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Align Flybarless System GPro 3-Axis Gyro Settings-(550L as an example)

Confused about what these parameters are for ? See this, "GPro Parameters Settings Quick Guide"
If you are a beginner; use the "beginner settings" which gives you "softer" response and more stable feeling in flight.
If you are more than a beginner and are comfortable in sports or 3D flight, just use the "hidden default settings" by clicking the "reset" button(as indicated by red arrows in the screen shot below) at each section as explained below(on your computer).

For quite a while whenever I messed up the parameters in GPro settings; I found no where to recover to the default parameters except the "Beginner Settings" option at the lower right corner of the setting page of the setup program:
However the "Beginner Settings" is too "slow" for my flying style as I am not a beginner ; so I need to rebuild the parameters again one by one which is really confused.

Until last weekend one of the Align factory pilot told me there's a button to reset everything to the recommended parameters for "non-beginner" and "advanced pilot".....
 This little button makes things easier for me as the default parameters pretty much fits most of flying conditions, just need a little fine tuning to get more precisely fit my own style.

He also told me that for Castle Talon 90 on v; "fixed throttle" mode will be more power saving than "Governor" mode; as this ESC needs to drain more current from the battery to maintain the RPM when the voltage of the LiPo battery is getting lower in flight. You may get the consistent RPM in flight but you will not feel it when the battery is running close to the cut-off point or as the RPM is maintained all the way until cut-off; so unexpected cut-off may happen if you forget the flight time. In "fixed throttle" mode you will feel the power is getting lower under the same throttle curve; so you can feel when is time to land....

Today I reset all the parameters of the GPro on my v to default; and change the setting of the Castle Creation Talon 90 from governor mode to fixed throttle; here are the final settings of the pitch & throttle on my Futaba 14SG:
Pitch: -6, 6(Hover),13 Degrees
Throttle: 0, 65, 75, 87, 100 
Pitch: -13, 0,13 degrees (linear straight)
Throttle: 100, 90, 100
Pitch: -13, 0, 13 (the same as Idle 1)
Throttle: 100,100,100 (100 all the way)
The recommended settings on Align's instruction manual are not responsive enough for me, especially was too "soft" at normal mode, I almost thought the power was lost when flying in normal mode; so I raised the throttle curve for normal, idle1, idle2 until I felt comfortable.
Here are my thoughts about the fixed throttle on Talon 90 ESC and the default settings on GPro:

Idle 1 was good for sports flight like big loops or continuous rolls in forward flight. But a little "soft" in some 3D flights like stationary rolls or flips, elevator tic-tocs.
Idle 2 was a little too 'high" for me; my 500L was screaming a little louder; which gave me more pressure, but the power was good, everything was "stronger" than in idle 1; stationary rolls and flips and some hard stops were done without feeling power loss.
The overall performance of the tail was good, no bounce back in hard pirouette stop as what often to be seen on 3GX.

After 5 flights of the fixed throttle; I changed the Talon 90 settings back to governor mode as I used to fly, and still kept the GPro settings unchanged(all default, not beginner settings)
Normal: 2000 RPM
Idle 1:   2200 (upright and inverted sports flight)
Idle 2:   2400 (3D and some hard stops)

Then I decided to stick with governor mode; as I feel more comfortable at the consistent head speed and sound wave from my v than in the fixed throttle mode; and the performance in idle 1 and idle 2 are still good for me. I did not feel the flight time was shorter than in "fixed throttle" mode.

You can also see the review and settings of my Align T-Rex 550L Dominator here:

The default settings(not beginner's settings) of GPro is good enough for any advanced pilot. we are not talking about the top guns like Alan Szabo Jr., not many people can fly as good as Alan even with his v; even thought his 550L we saw on YouTube was everything stock like every single 550L we can buy from any hobby shop.

Some people may be not  comfortable while doing the GPro settings with the Talon 90 connected to the motor if using the power from BEC to GPro; because are afraid that the 730 monster motor will be running suddenly(although I always do so without any problem); there is a simple solution to get rid of the fear:
*Disconnect the motor from Talon 90(you are safe now)
*Unplug the control cable of the Talon 90 from the throttle port on the GPro.
*Power on your transmitter(mine is 14SG).
*Take a battery which voltage is 6~8.4V; I use a 6V NiMh battery; plug it in the "BATT" port on the GPro. DON'T connect it reversed; or your GPro will burn out.
Then your helicopter 550L with GPro is ready to set up now, and the motor will not be turning at all.

Appendix 1/2:
The parameters for my final settings on GPro:
The values in red circles are the parameters I have changed; I prefer to set the EXP on the TX, so I cancel both cyclic and Rud EXP on GPro; and I raised up the cyclic deadband from 2 to 5, the Rud DeadBand Sub from 5 to 7 to reduce the interference in between 2 axises during the stick movement.
I raise the values of Elevator Precomp from 10 to 15, Collective to Tail Precomp from 22 to 37, due I like to punch the pitch fast in a wide range so need more compensation.
And I change  the RudRight Stop from 20 to 7, Rud Left Stop from 20 to 25 as I love the hard and precise tail stop from high speed pirouette.
All the default parameters should meet most of your needs; the changes are to fit your personal flight style and can be different from person to person, heli to heli.
 Appendix 2/2: 
 The final settings of the Talon 90 on my 550L; parameters in red circles are what have been changed from default.


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