RCHeliGears: Align 550L Dominator, Wiring and Mechanical Settings

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Align 550L Dominator, Wiring and Mechanical Settings

Make sure the servo arm is 90 degrees to the servo, this is very essential and important to the GPro and the flight performance. Have this done to all the 4 servos.

XT90 anti-spark connectors, quiet, clean and safe when connecting the battery.

Wiring of the signal cable of the Castle Creation Talon 90 ESC; and the arrangement of the antennas of the Futaba receiver; be sure the 2 antennas are 90 degrees to each other.

Tighten the DFC linkage rod all the way till they stopped at both ends as indicated by the red arrows in the picture above; to prevent from deforming of the DFC linkage rods which may result in danger in flight.

 Tighten the swash plate linkage rods all the way as indicated by the red arrows; adjust them only when you can't get perfect zero degree while the servo arms are 90 degrees to the servos.

Wiring of the servos: red circles are for the rudder servo, blue is for elevator, green circles are for the cables from elevator & pitch servos. Use cable ties to secure the cables of the servos.

Wiring of the aileron servo at the right side.

Wiring: keep all the cables away from the motor and gear.

Another 2 pictures below for clear view of the wiring.

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