RCHeliGears: How to retract the screw with a stripped broken head from your helicopter?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

How to retract the screw with a stripped broken head from your helicopter?

Sometimes the head of a screw becomes worn and gets very difficult to remove due to slippage between the screw head.
Like this  little socket button head screw; was stuck in my Align 700E for 2 years...
It was damaged when I was trying to remove it for replacing the motor; then it was stuck there like forever until I found a tool kit(let me know if you need one but can't find it).
This kit is applied for M2.5~M3 and M4~M5 screws with broken or stripped heads.
The 2 "sticks" in this kit fit most of the changeable screwdriver directly; very easy to handle.

This is my electric driver with one of the drill bit from this kit.

Drill the screw head all the way as deep as you can by a electric driver; you need to push a bit hard while drilling; otherwise it will be taking a long time without progress.(the tissue paper is to hold the residue from drilling)
 When the drill job is done; flip the drill bit over to the other end with the taper. Do not use the electric driver; use a hand driver; otherwise the taper may be broken in the screw by using the electric driver due to the burst force; and you will screw up the whole thing.

Now remove this stubborn broken screw by turning counter-clockwise.

I set the screw and the motor free now. :-)

Remove this broken screw from the taper, we are done and happy, my 700E is happy too. :-)


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