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Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Align T-Rex 600N Pro with upgrades

I had my Raptor 50 retired last month, and moved some of the electronics from it to a new Align T-Rex 600N Pro, and I added some upgrades.
Here's the configuration of this heli...

Futaba R5114DPS receiver (14 channels),
4.8V NiCd reveicer battery pack,
Futaba S9255 x 3 for CCPM swash,
GY401+Futaba S9254 for tail,
Futaba S9252 for throttle,
Align RCE-G600 Governor,
Align pipe,
Align gyro mount,
Align CF switch mount.
GP4 600mm CF blades.
Align CF tail blades

1. The front end side view: Shiny factory painted fiberglass canopy, I like the scheme.
2. Full metal parts from swash plate up to the blade grips: I like the "Full Metal" look, looks very powerful...and tough...
3. Carbon fiber frame & polished pipe: The carbon fiber frame was a "luxury" upgrade part for R/C helis before, now it comes with the T-Rex 600N Pro kit. And the Align pipe provides the good power to the OS 50 engine.
4. Exhaust guide & plug : Comes with the kit, useful stuff, keep the exhaust oil in the pipe, and keep you car or floor clean.
5. Gyro Mount: I used an option gyro mount to sit the GY401 at the front end , to prevent the oil from reaching the gyro, also the wires of the gyro are close to the receiver & servo, much easier to arrange.
6. Extra frame bolt at the rear side: An extra metal frame bolt comes with the gyro mount, used at the rear side of the frame, that hold the elevator servo firmly in position, good stuff.
7. The arrangement of the electronics: Every time I build the heli, the most headache part is to configure all the electronics & the wires, here's how I allocate the receiver, governor & the 4.8V receiver battery, and tie the wires, they look neat to me :-) Align provides the "hook & loop" velcro tape to tie these electroncs in position, very helpful.
8. Mount the governor sensor: The sensor is mounted outside of the frame, and the wire is fixed by a cable tie, there are 2 pre-drilled holes on the frame, just fit the cable tie. And I use a tape to stick a piece of fuel tube on the edge of the frame, to protect the wire from cut by the sharp edge of the frame.
9. Option switch mount: I use the option switch mount to mount the Futaba battery switch. This is a necessary option part if you use a Nicd battery pack like I do. Otherwise you will find out you have nowhere to mount the power switch.
(Although the voltage regulator is getting popular in using Lithium battery for the electronic equipments, but I still prefer to use the traditional 4.8V NiCd pack with the traditional switch. Just want to keep the configuration of my heli as simple as possible.)
10. Elevator servo wire protection: I use a canopy rubber nut to protect the servo wire, this nut was from the canopy of Raptor 50.

11. Glow plug extension: This is another necessary part; then I can connect the glow plug ignitor easily before starting the engine. The extension wire is covered by silicon, which is heat-resistance.

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