RCHeliGears: Align RCE-G600 Governor Quick Setup (T-Rex 600 Nitro as an example)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Align RCE-G600 Governor Quick Setup (T-Rex 600 Nitro as an example)

I decided to use a Align RCE-G600 governor on my new T-Rex 600N, to get a consistent head speed easily.
The instruction manual with this governor is not so clear, here are the important tips which are not on the instruction manual by Align:
1. Connect to the receiver: Connect the 3-wire connector to the throttle port on the receiver, the 1-wire connector to the governor port(ch7 in Futaba transmitters)
2. Magnets installation: Be sure the 2 magnets are well sit at the bottom of the 2 mounting holes on the cooling fan, it can be done by a pliers. Put a clothe between the pliers and the fan, press the magnets into the holes carefully, you may want to apply a thin layer of epoxy in the hole before installing the magnets.

3. Modify the fan cover: Drill a 8mm hole on the fan cover, to fit the governor's sensor, and be sure the sensor is as close as possible to the magnets, but they don't touch each other.

4. Futaba transmitter setup: I don't use the ATV function as indicated in the instruction manual for the RPM setup. I just use the governor menu in the Futaba transmitter(12FG and ;9C), this is very easy and straight forward, but the RPM setup in Futaba transmitter for RCE-G600 is different from the Futaba governor GV-1, please refer to this mapping table for the head speed setup; these numbers were measured by my optical tachometer. You can do it by yourself if you have a tacho.

In my 12FG transmitter, I set a switch from the"Governor 2" channel , which is to control the governor on/off; so that I can decide to turn on or off the governor any time easily.

This's the head speed setup option in the governor menu for different flight mode:

5. You may need to reverse the governor channel(ch7 here) of the receiver if the governor is not activated correctly; that usually happens on 9C transmitter.

Other than the tips above, please also refer to the instruction manual of this governor for the rest of the installation procedures, hope this helps save your time in setting up this RCE-G600 governor, enjoy it. And feel free to leave your comments or questions if any. 

P.S. If you want something easier and more precise in setting the head speed, tired of tuning the needle of the engine and cleaning your nitro heli after flight; you may want to try a electric helicopter such as my favorite T-Rex 550L Dominator


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